Duckloe Press Room

Art & AntiquesArt & Antiques, February 2003
The Spindled Throne by A true history of the Windsor chair in magazine-article form, with photographs of Duckloe Windsor chairs and settees, among others.
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Nation's BusinessNation’s Business, May 1997
Entrepreneur’s Notebook by Frederick Duckloe, Jr. A personal history of Frederick Duckloe & Brothers by one of the current owners.
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Country HomeCountry Home
The Well-Turned Windsor A detailed analysis of the popularity and prevalence of Windsor chairs in historical and contemporary American homes; features prominent photos of the Duckloe No. 22 Windsor armchair.
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US News & World Report
The Philadelphia InquirerThe Philadephia Inquirer, June 30, 1996
The U.S. House of Windsor In-depth business portrait of the Duckloe legacy and products, both attributes locally well-known and regarded.
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