Finishing Techniques

Finishing Techniques Our 12-step process:

All our chairs are made with the highest quality kiln-dried hardwoods. Chair legs are turned from hard rock maple; seats are carved from either cherry or poplar (poplar being more historically accurate). The back spindles are made from hickory, while the turnings under the arms are of maple. Chair arms are steam-bent from either hickory or ash.

  • All holes, nicks and dents are filled with putty and sanded smooth with #180 grit sandpaper.
  • A coat of toner is applied to provide the base color. The toner is methanol-based and contains a variety of color dyes; it dries in a few seconds.
  • A thin down coat of sealer is applied to establish an even color.
  • We then apply a spray coat of wiping stain and remove the excess with soft rags. This step gives depth and patina to the piece.
  • The furniture piece is allowed to dry overnight.
  • A coat of vinyl sealer is applied.
  • We sand the entire piece with #240 grit sandpaper.
  • The piece is then rubbed down with #00 steel wool.
  • Two coats of pre-catalyzed lacquer are applied (sanded between coats).
  • We allow the piece dry for two to three hours.
  • The entire piece is hand-rubbed with #0000 steel wool.
  • Lastly, we apply a rubbing compound and polish. This imparts a smooth and glowing finish to an heirloom-quality piece of furniture which anyone would be proud to own.