How to Shop for the Right Mattress

Stop into our showroom and try them out; you just can't sleep over.

With hundreds of mattress options available, finding the right mattress shouldn’t cause you to lose any sleep. To help find a mattress that’s supportive and gives you quality rest, here are a few suggestions.

Shop for a Mattress that Offers Support

On average, you might spend a third of your life in bed. That’s why it’s important to have a mattress that’s made from high-quality materials. Mattresses typically last for 10 years so you want to make a sound investment you can sleep on.

The Mattress Core

A mattress core provides spinal support. Cores can include foam, latex, air-filled, and innerspring.

Innerspring mattresses: Concerned about your mattress sinking when you sit on it? Try an innerspring mattress.

Innerspring mattresses will provide more bounce. Metal mattress coils have gauges that range from 12 (the firmest) to 18 (the most compression). A person that has a larger frame may want a mattress with a thicker gauge. This will offer the most support.

Shop for Mattresses by Preference

Another way to shop for mattresses is to shop by the type of mattress you want or by the style or your budget. For example, you might want a twin mattress that’s on sale. You may also be shopping for full size mattresses for your guest bedroom or queen mattresses in your bedroom if a king-size bed frame is too large.

When you shop by preference, consider how you sleep and how you spend time in your bedroom. These can help you determine the best mattress for your needs.

Best mattress for your sleeping preference

Another way to shop for mattresses is to select a mattress based on how you sleep:

  • If you prefer sleeping on your side, try a memory foam or innerspring mattress to give you extra pressure relief.

  • If you prefer sleeping on your stomach, try a latex mattress, an air-filled, mattress, or innerspring.

  • If you prefer sleeping on your back, any mattress should provide support. Try them out to find which offer the most comfort.

Shop for Mattresses by Brand

When you shop for a new mattress, you want a quality brand name you can trust.

Consider a quality mattress from Shifman Mattresses:

  • The Masters Collection includes a full range of mattresses with varying firmness and support.

  • Another top choice is the Shifman Vintage Collection that provides deluxe surface comfort and superior quality.

  • The Quilted Collection is a popular brand that includes quality bedding at affordable prices.

  • The Pure Comfort Collection offers latex luxury mattresses for your comfort and support.

  • The Modern Comfort Collection includes mattresses made with natural cotton and hand-tufting compatible with any base or platform bedding style.


With so many ways to shop for the right mattress, make sure you test the mattress out before you buy it. If you sleep on your side or stomach, for example, lie on your side or stomach to test the comfort. You want a good night’s rest every time you get into bed.

About Duckloe: Frederick Duckloe and Brothers is a furniture store that’s been in business since 1859. Duckloe offers quality bedding furniture and Shifman mattresses. For help with finding a premium mattress, contact Duckloe today.

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