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If you’ve checked out HGTV or Houzz, then you know how popular your furniture store is for a home remodel. Home remodels are trending because there are several ways to create a new look that will compliment your living space.

More homeowners are looking for ways to change their interior décor and upgrade their furnishings, but, shopping for new home furniture doesn’t have to break the bank.

Here are a few ways to update a drab look and shop for furniture that will have your home ready for guests and entertaining all year long.

Updating Your Living Room and Family Room

Your furniture store can help you design the perfect living room or family room look that’s comfortable for entertaining your family and guests. If you need ideas, HGTV has several great before and after photos that show how easy it is to transform your spaces.

Here are a few ideas to help you redesign your living room and your family room:

Add New Paint or Wallpaper

  • Changing your room color can open the space and make it welcoming to visiting guests and family members.

  • If you’re on a budget, paint the rooms yourself or hang wallpaper to update a tired look.

  • Try painting one wall and adding wallpaper to the others for a fresh look.

Tip: Before you pick out paint or wallpaper, select the furniture that you want to add. You might find a new sofa that’s on sale and you can always color match the sofa with the area rugs and throw pillows.

Update Your Flooring

A new vinyl floor in a stone or wood finish is easy to install and vinyl flooring is trending. Vinyl flooring does well with high foot traffic and it’s super easy to clean. Add an area rug that matches your new color scheme.

Tip: If you start a DIY project and add the flooring yourself, talk to a flooring specialist for help with room measurements and discounted styles.

Add a New Sectional Sofa and Chairs

If you did a search online for “furniture store near me”, you might be looking for furniture stores that can help you replicate a relaxing living room look you saw on Better Homes and Gardens.

Sectional sofas are versatile because they give you room to stretch out. They fit well into corners, in front of fireplaces, or big screen TVs (so you never miss the game). Select sofas like the Stressless E 700 that’s comfortable and spacious. Or, consider the Stress Legend High Back for movie nights and watching the big game.

Inviting Personal Spaces

Another trend is creating personal spaces in a room corner to serve as a quiet place to read. Look for chairs that will compliment your space like the Stressless Metro recliner and footrest or the Stressless Skyline recliner and footrest. Then add a Miniature Blanket Table and a lamp. Cozy and convenient, right?

Stressless is a brand from Norway that specializes in quality materials and furnishings that are comfortable and affordable. Their chairs offer optimal “glide” and are structured to support your back. Look for the Stressless furniture sale to save on your new home décor!

Transforming Your Bedroom Decor

Your bedroom is where you spend a lot of time sleeping, resting, and unwinding. It should be comfortable and relaxing to block out the stresses of the day.

To transform your bedroom, use these helpful design ideas:

  • Change your color scheme with new wallpaper or paint.

  • Move your bed into a different area of the room.

  • Hang pictures and add a few plants for a cozy bedroom remodel.

  • Add a small 2-seater sofa or a recliner in a corner near the window.

  • If you like comfort underfoot, add a faux fur or faux sheepskin rug or consider Berber carpeting. Carpeting adds value to the home and can help with the resale value.

  • If you add rugs, look for brands like Magellan, Dash and Albert, Stickley Designer Rugs, Chandler 4 Corners, or Patusan Trading Company.

Tip: Look for the Shifman mattresses specials that can help you save on your new bedding, and you’ll sleep more soundly, too!

Remodeling Your Bathroom

When it comes to the bathroom, let’s face it. The bathroom sees a lot of foot traffic.

To help change your bathroom layout, think about a new color scheme you might have found with your favorite designer.

Walls and Floors

Ceramic wall and floor tiles are trending and offer a clean look, but ceramic can be heavy and expensive. If the price is a factor, try vinyl tiles that resemble stone. These are affordable and you might be able to have these added with same day installation.

Tub and Wall Finishes

If you don’t want to change your tub, consider having it painted. This can give you a clean look and it’s less costly. Options with your walls might include paint and wallpaper. You can use trim to help create a new look that’s fresh and will look like you paid more.

Decorating Your Dining Room and Kitchen

The dining room and kitchen are busy areas. If you have kids, both rooms can be high traffic areas and your kitchen is where all the food prep takes place.

Dining Rooms

When transforming your dining room, if you have carpeting, consider removing it. You may have good hardwood floors underneath that only need staining. Vinyl plank flooring is trending for dining rooms and can help give you a look that’s modern, easy to clean, and can handle plenty of foot traffic.

With dining room sets, your furniture store can help you select a table and chairs that create a clean and modern finish or give your dining space a rustic or country vibe. Look for dining room tables like the Pennsylvania Country Table or Pennsylvania Country Table with leaves. These will ensure ample space for your family.

Whether you are enjoying a family meal or the kids are doing homework, the table and chairs should be easy to clean and they should be supportive. Look for the Windsor chairs and custom chairs and tables to fit your needs and that of your growing family.


Popular kitchen remodels now include vinyl tile flooring, tile backsplashes, and stainless steel appliances.

With cabinetry, consider swapping out your old cabinets for new cabinetry and fixtures. If the cost is a factor, think about painting your old cabinets and then upgrading door and drawer handles.

Kitchen islands are also trending if you have space. If you already have an island, update your color and add a marble countertop.


There are several great ways to decorate your spaces and your furniture store can help. Visit their showroom to gather ideas and shop during holiday sales to take advantage of discounted pricing. And, take plenty of pictures of your before and after!

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