Why is Everyone Talking About Windsor Chairs?

Windsor Chair Reproduction

There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding Windsor chairs. If you’re doing a Better Homes and Garden home remodel or a Town & Country rustic renovation, they’ll likely mention Windsor chairs. Most homes had traditional wooden Windsor chairs. They are versatile in color and design. They’re sturdy and quite elegant with their high curved backs.

How Windsor Chairs are Made

With their all-wood construction and reedy spindle back, Windsor chairs are made using a method called tapered joinery. When a person sits on the seat made from solid wood, the joints beneath the seat will become stronger to support their weight.

Into the top and base of the wood seat are drilled holes to support the back of the chair and the base. The legs are pushed into the base holes and the chair back is fitted into the top holes. The wood for the seat of the chair is often carved in a saddle shape to allow for optimal comfort. This helps with seating whether you’re enjoying dinner with your family or sitting at your computer for long hours in a home office. See the whole process here on how to build a windsor chair.

The History of Windsor Chairs

It’s likely that the first Windsor chairs date back to the early 16th Century. The initial chair spindles were carved in a manner like that of wheel spokes for carriages. Referred to as Irish stick-back chairs, the chairs are actually not Irish.

Windsor Chairs for British Royalty

Windsor chairs derive their name from the U.K. where they first appeared in Buckinghamshire. They were designed for aristocrats and British royalty.

Writer Edward Hanon noted about the chair in the 18th Century, “”[It] was originally constructed of rural wood with the bark on, but the chair makers son began to make them of turned wood for the express purpose of easier house-keeping.”

While the chairs were present at Windsor Castewhich, some thought the chairs’ received their name from a town called Windsor in the U.K.

Windsor Chairs in Philadelphia

The first Windsor chairs in the United States were found in Philadelphia in the 17th Century designed by English craftsmen. Historians suggest the chairs weren’t designed in Philadelphia but imported from the U.K. However their origin came about, Philadelphia began to manufacture the chairs. They were later crafted in other states due to high demand.

Styles of Windsor Chairs

Windsor chairs have been trending a great deal and they’re very popular. HGTV, Houzz, and Better Homes and Gardens have showcased these gorgeous chairs. They show Windsor chairs in elegant kitchen and dining room before and after photos and videos. They display Windsor chairs in varying colors and styles.

Popular Windsor chair styles include:

  • Windsor chairs with arms: The sack-back Windsor armchair also referred to as the double Windsor and the comb-back Windsor armchair in varying styles.

  • Windsor writing chairs: The comb-back Windsor writing chair with attached side desk.

  • Armless Windsor chairs: The Ricker Fanback Windsor side chair and the Lyman Mower Windsor side chair.

Custom Handcrafted Windsor Chairs by Duckloe

Windsor chairs are often used in rustic, modern, and traditional homes. They pair nicely with handcrafted, drop leaf tables. You can also find older Windsor chairs that are considered antiques as they are sturdy, durable chairs that are long-lasting.

Frederick Duckloe & Brothers have manufactured these beautiful chairs since 1859. Because the chairs are stained and lacquered with over 100 styles and any finish you choose, there is a model for everyone.

Windsor Chair Color Schemes and Finishes

When you’re ready to order Windsor dining room chairs, the popular chairs vary in color. You can order custom Windsor chairs. Duckloe handcrafts these chairs and paints them in single tone colors like white, black, light or dark brown, red, or blue. They can also color match your Windsor chairs to match your home’s decor.

Finishes include:

  • Single tones with many colors.

  • A single tone with a wipe-off effect for a rustic look.

  • A dual tone for added contrast.

  • Dual tone with a wipe-off effect for an aged elegant look.

  • A crackled-look that gives an alligator skin design to the paint.

To discuss the custom Windsor chairs that you would like for your home, contact Duckloe at (570) 897-6172. If you visit the Duckloe furniture store, ask about the Windsor chairs for sale in the showroom. That way you can view different styles of Windsor chairs and select the right chairs to suit your needs.


Windsor chairs are a treasured and valuable American classic. There are several styles and colors to choose from, if you are ordering custom Windsor chairs. Consider the color scheme that you would like to match with your home’s interior. Windsor chairs make a lovely addition to any kitchen or dining room space. You can pass them on to future generations.

About Duckloe: Frederick Duckloe and Brothers has a beautiful furniture store that’s been in business since 1859. With their spacious furniture store and showroom in Portland, PA, they’re only about 30-minutes from Morristown, NJ and Lehigh Valley, PA.

Duckloe specializes in handcrafted, custom Windsor chairs. They also sell quality custom furnishings by leading manufactures like Stickley, Hancock and Moore, Century, Hickory Chair, Ekornes, and Shifman Mattresses. For help with ordering your custom Windsor chairs, contact Duckloe today!




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