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Windsor # 5 1/2


Ash bends, hickory spindles, maple legs, poplar seat.


#5 1/2 Scale  Loop Back Arm Chair Poplar seat, Maple legs, Hickory spindles and Ash bends Scale Model Windsors can be traced back to 2 colonial uses: Traveling salesman used them as samples and they are perfect for dolls. We are sure some scale models found their way into the playtime of children. Handcrafted minitures made for present collectors to use and to pass on to future generations.



Height 20 1/2
Depth 12
Width 12 1/4
Seat Height 9 3/4
Seat Depth 8 1/4
Arm Height 14 1/2

5 1/2 Scale Model Loop Back Arm Chair

Preview Finishes
Type of Wood
Area Upholstered